Get a Placement Matches Boost and secure your division

As you may know placement matches are crucial for you to get into a higher league and division and often times dictate your current game-style and skills within League of Legends which is why as a part of the tools we have prepared for you in this website to become a better player overall we encourage you to consider the importance of this type of placement matches boost.

Such a boost determines if you will be forced to to play with better and against better layers or if you will be stuck playing with the same people in your same level of skill that won’t let you grow at all. You know the saying that in order to grow and get knowledge you need to be the least experienced person in the room and this can’t show more than it already does in League of Legends.


To secure you are even in that room to begin with you should be put through a series of placement matches, however as you know these are done with the same people that have been keeping you down in your learning experience for so long and it shouldn’t be that way because it makes it nearly impossible to make it through these matches and step into more experienced “rooms”.

Why is a placement match boost so important?

As a part of the entire set of tools we provide in here this one is very important, our placement matches boost is definitely something you should consider to simply be in the room of champions that you very well deserve. Think about all the wasted time playing with and against people in your same skill level and how that can negatively impact your gameplay in the long run diminishing the learning experience game by game.

The way the ranking system was created was made to be fair however we all know that there’s no way to learn anything if you are placed with people in the same skill level as you, this goes the same for an elo boost and for coaching, however as you know already the placement matches are very important to ensure that for a period of time you are in that room of people that will in fact make you learn a great deal about this game and will make you grow a lot more as a well rounded player.

Improve your placement matches win ratio with this advice

Don’t forget that you can always get an individual wins boost in league to secure your placements right here as well.