Best LoL Net Win Boost by Pros

Individual league of legends wins are a form of boost that places you in different situations in the current elo ranking system now known as divisions and leagues because this type of boost will get you through the different ladders.

Normally you would use this lol net win boost to get through what’s between the placement matches which is also a tool that we offer here at metaconceptinc however you can use this as a different form of boost instead of the normal elo boost or placement matches boost given that it’s usually cheaper.

Individual Wins
Secure your Division
Security and Efficiency

We can’t guarantee the division and league where you will finish however there are many calculators online to input your current standings in the elo system in league of legends and then as a result you see where you will end after getting X amount of wins. This is very helpful if you are just looking for a small boost into your ranking instead of a full division or a full league in the current system.

Secure your most important LoL Wins

As mentioned this is normally cheaper than any other form of boost and it’s used most of the time to get through placement matches however the possibilities are endless for whatever you plan on doing with it and you will most certainly find a good use to this amazing tool that we put at your disposal.

You know that our biggest concern is for you to grow as a player in this game and one way to achieve that is through a lol win boost simply because there’s nothing better than securing a winning streak to add at your rating.

This tool will take your gaming experience to the next level as it will make it so much faster and easier to each those “proving grounds” where you will be tested to see if you are fit to move forward in the elo system and become a better player. We know that 30+ minute games are not something everyone has time for and all you want to really do is reaching those higher divisions and leagues that remark your current skill-set in the game of League of Legends.

Net wins Boosting in League of Legends

We also have the almighty and most common to be honest, Division and League Boosting aka elo boosting available to you guys so don’t hesitate on checking out our service as well right there.