Hey there! Ryan again and I’m here to talk to you about LoL coaching, as you may know there learning curve of the online video game of League of Legends is really steep and aside from guides that aren’t specifically targeted to you, there isn’t much learning material, there is material out there for sure, but to learn, basically nothing. Think about the learning curve to learn calculus if you had to do it on your own compared to university teaching methods. You know it would take a lot longer to learn on your own.

However you aren’t alone in this journey and a lot of people have been through what you are going through already and have surpassed the difficulties long ago. These people do know the problems that people face and can pin point exactly where you are lacking as well as having a structured program to make the student learn.

If you think of any sport out there, you’ll know that there are coaches, trainers, people that dedicate their life to teaching the expertise required to perform such sport, take soccer or baseball for example, there has to be a coach that tells the players what to do in every scenario, would you let the 11 members of the team just roam around and train on their own and then expect them to perform well against a well organized team with a coach? Of course not.

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This is why LoL coaching is so valuable, it’s the same as any other sport, you will get someone that tells you exactly what to do and exactly where you are lacking in order to grow as a player in a matter of weeks, there’s nothing you could do to hasten the learning curve on your own. League of Legends training is what you need if you want to step up your game a lot further than what you currently stand.

It’s no secret to anyone that League of Legends and the elo ranking system is tough and that trying to achieve your goals as a player there is very hard due to the fact that you got no organization in your team and you are always playing alone with the aid of people you will play with maybe just a couple of times in your entire life.

So how can league of legends training help me?

This leads to disaster when it comes to learning new things, experiencing for yourself how the big guys play and stepping into the field of battle with the same confidence as any other good player out there and you know who they are.

Well guess what, those player you follow have been through your struggle and can help you, those players are the coaches that will take your LoL training to the next level and make sure your experience as a player is far richer because now you will have a guideline, now you will have something to do specifically, you will know what are your flaws and how you can overcome them to become a far better player than what you already are.

This is why I consider that LoL training lessons are so important and valuable for any player out there that wants to improve their skill-set as a league of legends online gamer.

Video about LoL Training

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