Get your Smurf LoL Account Right Here

Well what is a smurf account to begin with?

Smurf accounts are alternative accounts that League of Legends players use in order to learn new champions, learn new tactics that they normally wouldn’t dare to test in their main accounts due to the fact that they might lose divisions or league even, So you can start thinking about getting your own one.

LoL accounts are tedious to get to a playable stage, you have to grind your way into level 30 to finally get to experience the ranked games that have the actual people that you will be facing against, for this you might need days in advance to level the account and finally get to where you wanted to be, or at least to where you start where you wanted to be.

This isn’t only irritating to do when all you wanna do is test things and experience new horizons but it’s also time consuming, VERY time consuming, which is why here at metaconceptinc try to provide you with all the tools that will make you grow a lot more as a League of Legends player, a well rounded LoL expert if you will.


The tool here we are talking about is the extra lol account aka smurf account, we want to provide you a fresh unranked level 30 account that is ready to step into the fields of battle.

Why would you need this account?

Ask yourself then the following question: do I want to risk my current league and division if I want to try new champions?
Or how about this other question: Do I want to risk my current league and division if I want to play with a friend that doesn’t have the same ranking as me?

Super important LoL Smurf Accounts

I believe we can agree that the answers to such questions are “no”. And a very clear “no”, this is why people started getting smurf accounts, with the whole purpose of playing the game in more than 1 ways and never risking their main account of tanking the main ratings in the current and already hard elo system.

A tool like this, a LoL Account is crucial for your gaming experience if you are looking to improve your skillset as a player and start getting those rankings that you’ve always desired in a much faster and less painful way.

If you look at any successful player out there, you know very well that they deal with multiple smurf accounts, why is that? Simple, to test new things, new theories, new styles and strategies that they normally wouldn’t dare risking in their main accounts, this is why they are so important; leaving aside the whole social aspect of the game which involves you playing with friends (which is ultimately the whole point of this game) without risking your main and most precious division and league.

So there you go, this is why we League of Legend’s pro’s think that a smurf league of legends account is so important in order to make you grow as a player, we offer many different tools as you can imagine in this website however this one is crucial if you want to improve and be a successful league of legends player.

Smurf LoL Accounts

Feel free to get your smurf account in the same division you have your main to start testing right away with our service here.