How does it work?

Upon purchase you give us your information regarding your account and contact information as well, we then proceed to hand out the information to the boosters or coaches accordingly, so if you bought a boost you don’t need to be contacted until the boost is finished unless you want to, However if you bought coaching then you will need to be put into contact with our coaches through skype personally to get your lessons.

If you bought an smurf account we will reply to the email you used to make the purchase with the account information when it’s ready, please check the spam folder every time.

How long does it take to start?

Boostings generally take around 24 hours to start and our boosters’s efficiency makes it possible to take less time than usual to perform the boost itself.

Coaching takes up to 24 hours as well to start

I just bought a boost, what now?

When the payment is complete we are able to see the information you put in, which is instantly delivered to a booster right away.

I just bought coaching, what now?

You will be contacted through the same skype you used in the purchase transaction and we will put you in contact directly with the coach in about 24 hours time

How do I keep track of the progress?

In-game, with the spectator feature.

How is the boost done?

Challengers and Diamond 1 players take your account and play it as their own increasing the win rates by a whole lot making you jump divisions rapidly. We do not use bots.

I purchased duo que, how do we proceed?

You are put together with the booster while he’s doing another boost for another account, you will have to match the hours while the booster is playing day by day if the boost takes longer than 1 day to be finished.

It's not finished within 1 day?

Matches can last up to 40 minutes and there have to be tons of matches to be played in order for you to increase league and divisions, we use just 1 booster per account to ensure security, boosters to not play 24/7

Is my account secure?

Yes our boosters are provided with VPNs to match the location of the account, and as said before we do not share the account with more than 1 booster, each and every booster is capable of the highest of divisions and leagues.

I'm not happy, I want a refund

Read our refund policy at the info page.

Can I get a discount?

Some products have discounts throughout our social media and promotions in different forums, if you do not have a coupon code for that then we’d have to treat your case personally and you should contact us through the chat, skype and/or email support system we have in place.