An Elo boost is something you might need to consider when you start getting into the realms of what’s called the elo hell, something dreadful that no one wants to be stuck in simply because the problems don’t rely on you, they rely on your team and it’s definitely something we understand as we’ve all been through that and we all know how enduring and how exhausting it is to play at your best and still not get the achievement of winning when your team wasn’t matching your effort.

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To put this into another perspective getting lol boost sometimes is the only way (time-consuming-wise) to get out of a bad situation like this. We understand you don’t have the time to play 24/7 to finally catch a series of games that will take you out of this place, which statistically will happen sometime in the future, however those probabilities are really low and all you want to do is play this video game at YOUR full potential and not get delayed by others when you really should be having a head start.

We totally understand you as as I said we have all been through this in some point in our gaming career when the team members learning curve isn’t the same as ours, it’s really frustrating however now we know how to make this the most efficient thing ever. Not only will you skip the dreadful lol hell but you will jump right into the big guys, the big players you see everywhere in forums and in videos, they will bring a new standard of playstyle to you that you might have never ever considered possible, it’s something you should definitely at least have the chance to experience just once in your life so you know if all this time you were playing the video game League of Legends was completely worth it.

None of us wants to experience just the absolute basics of any online game or any sport for that matter, we want to know the meta, we want to know where the skill lies and where you would stand in a realistic environment, this is why you have to practice hours and hours to achieve that status and then finally know if this is for you.

Well what if I told you that all this process can be simplified into something extremely simple and not time consuming where you can not only get the rating you want, call that league and division, but you will be put in a learning stage which will forever change the way you look at games and sports, you will experience really early how the most experienced players in this game play and what they do in order to achieve their goals. It’s something they took years to learn and something that you will be learning in a matter of weeks if not less and you will finally be ready to play with them and to get to know how this online video game League of Legends TRULY plays and how it was designed.

The meta game of LoL is nowhere near close the elo hell plateau where you think it is, it’s much higher and you will have the chance to jump right into it with a division push done by the same champion players you celebrate to, the same ones that you see in the top of the ladders every time and you dream to be right next to them. It doesn’t take much time to achieve this since you will be put right next to them ready to learn and play at the full potential that you already have.

Now stop and take a look at different reasons from a professional player’s point of view on why this is so important and how it can dramatically improve your gameplay!

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Hey there my name is Ryan and... +

Hey there my name is Ryan and I’m sure you’ve been through the hassle that we’ve all been through while you play League of Legends in the current Division and League ranking system and why you may have considered many times in getting a Division push to just jump out of the current state of the game and start playing with better and more professional players.

I’m talking about the well known “elo hell” this is something that has definitely haunted any new player that has had a couple of months playing league of legends and when you already know the absolute basics of the game and start playing ranked.

So what’s that? Well it’s something like this, imagine you start getting up the rankings in any game or sport but your team is set and your enemies are always set teams, or it’s individual so it always relies on you and your own team with whom you train day in and day out to win the games and start climbing up the ranking ladders of the game or sport. That’s pretty normal.

Reasons why an Elo Push is so important

Division Hell in the other hand is something absolutely different, the way the ranking system and the match making system is designed makes you play with random team members with whom you’ve never played in your entire life, it makes it literally impossible to have some sense of connection or strategy what so ever, so in order to win you require your team members to follow the same guidelines as you do to make it all work simply because it’s team game, you can’t play alone.

Now this also happens for the other team in this online video game, they get matched with random team members who are unsure what they are doing. This creates what’s called the “Division Plateau” a bunch of people in a certain rating that can’t progress because their team members (which are chosen randomly) aren’t in the same page as you are to win the games so you end up playing and winning basically lower than 50% of the time, which mathematically it’s impossible to climb up the ladders in the rankings that way, in any game at all or sport ever known to man.

This problem is made after all the players know the absolute basis because they somewhat know what they are doing however they aren’t grasping the big picture when it comes to team play, because at the beginning they were all trying to figure out how the game works for themselves.

After such problem then there’s Division Heaven, which is said to be a specific rating in the ranking system where everyone surpassed the learning curve of getting the strategy so everyone now plays with similar strategies making random team placement not such a big deal.

This what you’ve been waiting for your entire time since you started playing this game, this is what you’ve been looking everywhere, the big plays, the youtube videos, everything everywhere where they show the real skill that this game has.

You might already have this skill but since you were stuck in the infamous plateau you never had the chance to experience it with other players against other teams ever. Which is why we bring you to the point where you should consider a league improvement if you were ever stuck in this predicament where you literally couldn’t get out of the situation not because of you, but because of your team members that didn’t have a clue to what the heck they were doing in the first place.

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