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Hi and welcome to Meta Concept Gaming where we provide the best gaming services in League of Legends ranging from elo boosting to coaching in league of legends to referrals and also account selling.

The current state of the game in league of legends has made a group of diamond 1’s and challengers start providing elite services to the players that want to learn and to step their game up in order for the game and the overall competition and skill set required to play; grow.

Our services are not only limited to that, we also offer individual wins, placement matches, secured and guaranteed division and league boosting done by the most professional and experienced players in the game, most of which you have probably seen in streams and in tournament and are the same people that you celebrate to when you look at the ladders and you see their names all over the place in the top spots.

Our success shines above other services alike. Your information is safe and secure with the group of pro players that created this.


Keep in mind that this service isn’t done by any sort of programs or bots, this is done 100% by diamond 1 and challenger plays that want to make this game grow and want to provide the best service in elo boost EUW as they possibly can.

With this we make sure that there is no other competition out that that provides the same kind of service, this is done in a personal basis with each and every single one of the boosters and you will have direct contact with them throughout their playtime with you or with your account while they perform an elo boost or while they coach you directly in order for your game experience to grow at a rapid pace.

You know that your account and privacy are in the best hands given that we are a selected group of elite players that have decided to do this and we are not a company that deals with any other outsider wanting to work for us. This is done through a selected group of league of legend pro’s and we encourage you to respect that because you will hardly find something like it elsewhere.


Don't think twice about contacting us!

We currently provide these services in almost all the regions like NA, EUW, EUNE, RU, TR and we are currently in the works to get the appropriate boosters and coaches in league of legends for the other regions. As may have already imagined then yes it’s true what they say “nearly all high level players know each other” which is why this entire service is possible.

You can find feedback from individual boosters or players throughout many different forums and places so you know that you are dealing with the real players and not bots or anything like that at all.

Our customer support lines are open 24/7 and feel free to leave any question in our live chat or our emails and we will get back to you as soon as possible to get you the answers that you seek. We also have an active community in facebook and in twitter where you can find us as well for promotions and special deals you won’t find elsewhere.

As you can imagine it would be standard by these type of services we have all sorts of security measure that start at the very minute you enter one of our payment gateways and you are directed to our emails and chats. We also have countless VPN’s as well as players from all over the world that will match your location so that your accounts (in the case of an elo boost) are in the safest hands.

For coaching you can find all the information in the respective page however as you may know, it’s a very personal approach with each of the diamond 1 and challenger coaches.


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